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With a Credit Passport® badge and certificate you can demonstrate to your network that you are a stable, financially sound and reliable partner. This can lead to better payment terms, standing out in new business pitches and faster procurement onboarding.

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Understand how a business credit score works and you can unlock the flow of opportunity for your business. Get insights on the tools available for SMEs to build closer relationships with lenders, investors, suppliers and clients.

At some point there will come a time that you need to demonstrate your business credibility. Your credit-worthiness, your business management, your risk. It could be that you need a finance injection. Perhaps you’re agreeing terms with a new suppliers and want longer to pay invoices. Maybe you’re bidding on a new contract and your potential client needs to understand how stable you are before awarding their business. A business credit score confirms your business resilience and in doing so, offers opportunities for growth and security.

If you’ve got a mobile contract, hire-purchase car or a mortgage, you’ll understand the benefits of having a decent credit score. It is, of course, the measurement of your credit worthiness and your risk to the lender. It is the driving force behind consumer borrowing rates, contract terms and all sorts of other dependencies. You’re most likely also familiar with the fact that B2B lending works on similar principles.

When it comes to agreeing terms, large corporations work with global credit assessment organisations to investigate and demonstrate performance. These services aggregate far-reaching data sources, projections and market drivers to provide reliable information on a specific business. Handily, these companies also tend to have an extensive finance team and specialist project managers to deliver these processes, which result in a credit score that keeps the flow of finance moving.

In theory, smaller companies can also use credit assessors such as Moody’s to demonstrate financial stability. But, for many, it is prohibitively expensive and only a few are able to access this resource. Not to mention spare the man hours to assemble the paperwork.

In reality, it is incredibly hard for SMEs to demonstrate reliability and credit-worthiness without some serious admin time. The reporting seldom reflects the real state of play, often lacking the latest figures or failing to demonstrate strategic growth or investment decisions such as talent development. Therefore it is unsurprising to learn that only 1% of the UKs bank loans are to SMEs –  even though this sector represents 85% of our domestic GDP.

Until now, many SMEs simply couldn’t stand up to the necessary scrutiny and provide the information needed to secure finance. Today, a new tool is available which provides a real-time business credit score to reflect the fast-paced nature of your business. MaxCap has partnered with Credit Passport to unlock the flow of finance to SMEs by providing a certification of its business credit score – your credit profile. Created in partnership with ten major banks and the Moody’s Analytics powerhouse, it talks the language of the financial sector and provides valuable insight on areas for growth.

The business credit score is an alphabetical rating from A++ to E, generated from Open Banking data from your bank. It gives the most up to date and accurate picture of your business credit profile, whilst also presenting in a super-intuitive way for any business owner to understand and learn from.

A good business credit score, issued by Credit Passport and accredited by the global finance leader Moody’s Analytics, will reassure stakeholders that you’re a good bet. Even better for you, it will open doors to new opportunities for growth and development, and can streamline applying for finance.

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