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Officially the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Leeds 2021, Bobble Digital has seen phenomenal growth since it started just four years ago.

Bobble Digital Marketing

Written by Holly Campbell

Officially the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Leeds 2021, Bobble Digital has seen phenomenal growth since it started just four years ago.

Its founder, Manpreet Singh has a proven track record in the industry, having previously worked with a global creative agency, managing their digital marketing teams in the UK, Amsterdam and Sydney and playing a key part in their expansion to the US. But a life-changing development in 2017 made Manni rethink his future: “I needed more flexibility around my life, I needed more flexibility around myself. So, I set up Bobble Digital with two other directors – my cousin, and my mate.”

The business grew steadily. “We went from a model of relying on contractors and freelancers to actually hiring full-time staff,” Manni says. “We had a physical office in Leeds, but it was too small. We needed bigger, better offices. There was the cost of hiring, moving to better IT systems, laptop equipment, screens etc. and just creating the infrastructure for us to continue to grow. We needed the office space where we could do that.”

This was when Manni turned to MaxCap.

“It was very quick and easy,” he explains. “A few questions; very quick and simple for me to complete. We were helped because we had a broker who introduced us. But now we’ve built a great relationship with MaxCap directly.”

In April 2021 Manni used a £20k loan from MaxCap to invest in office space. The money went towards a deposit on new premises, and for a customised remodel of the workspace interior. Freshly refurbished, close to Leeds city centre, and with free onsite parking, Bobble Digital’s new office meets their growing needs and is also now an even more attractive prospect for future recruitment. Manni explains how the return on that investment has been exponential: “It has taken us from being a three-person agency to doubling in size. And as a result of that we’ll do a 300% increase in revenue year on year.”

Plans for onward growth include increasing the number full-time staff again – to more than double – and expanding Bobble Digital’s London office to help service existing US clients, generate more UK business leads, and offer more choice to potential employees around workspace flexibility. “We need two more SEO people – a manager and an exec. We need a paid media manager, PPC manager, a social media executive, and a PPC executive. So we need to hire seven people. And I’d also like to bring on an apprentice. We’ve got a good team now and I can’t hire quick enough.”

Additional investment is required to cover office rental and recruitment agency fees, which are particularly high at the moment. “Because we need to hire more, there’s a significant outlaying cost and I don’t want to cut into what is a very good cash flow right now,” says Manni. “I don’t want to cut into any reserves. Rather I just want to raise capital and invest that into new business development. We’re also looking for a business development manager now because I’ve got that many enquiries coming through, I can’t handle it all by myself!”

“Bobble has gone from strength to strength,” Manni continues. “We’re already working with MaxCap on another round of funding. We’re probably going to re-finance in the new year with the idea that it’s all about onboarding more staff. Staff is the biggest cost we have as an agency.” He concludes: “The only thing I’m considering is how much we need.”

And the name?

“Bobble is my nickname!” laughs Manni. “A lot of my mates call me Bobble. So when I knew what was happening, back in 2016 – I knew I wanted to set up my own thing – I decided on the name, ‘Bobble Digital’.” And true to form, for a marketing aficionado, passionate about his industry, Manni is already realising his grand plans for brand expansion. “We now have Bobble Pod, our podcasts which launched in 2020. We’ve got Bobble Bitesize networking events. And I’m working on a personal project called Bobble Properties.” He’s also developing an idea for supporting a charity that’s close to his heart. “I always wear beanies. Everyone knows me as wearing beanies. So now Bobble Beanies is going to be a brand.” His goal for this initiative is to help raise public awareness around organ donation, and nurture mindfulness on eco-friendly living and personal consumption.

Manni is energetic and upbeat about Bobble’s expansion and his relationship with MaxCap. “I know they’ve done amazing work in this sector,” he enthuses. “I’m certain there will be a lot of opportunities for MaxCap to get involved with Bobble in the future. I’m looking forward to building our connection further.”

Alex Littner, CEO of MaxCap adds, “We’re on a mission to improve the financial health of small businesses like Bobble Digital. We understand their need for working capital to keep their options open. And it’s been really exciting to help Manni and Bobble pursue business opportunities as quickly as they arise.”

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