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Hundreds of customisable documents and thousands of legal answers

On average businesses face legal issues 8 times a year and 90% of them believe that traditional law firms don’t provide a cost-effective solution. Sparqa Legal is here to solve this problem. Whether you’re a startup or large enterprise, we want to help you thrive. With Sparqa Legal you can focus on the most important things in business without worrying; your legal needs are sorted.

Sparqa Legal provides simple-to-use, practical legal guidance and documents, making it finally straightforward to navigate the law as a business owner or manager in England and Wales. From staying GDPR compliant to protecting your IP, staff dismissal and so much more.

Sparqa Legal offers user-friendly, jargon-free and searchable guidance in Q&A format, as well as hundreds of legal document templates, such as contracts, minutes, letters and notices, ready for you to fill in and download. Using our easy-to-use document builder tool, you can simply complete a questionnaire-style form and generate a document in a matter of minutes. Step-by-step guidance is provided for every document.

Sparqa Legal was designed with ease of use in mind, finally making legal questions that business owners and managers face accessible to and understandable for everyone, not just business lawyers! Our content is presented in straightforward Q&A (Question & Answer) format, which is fully searchable, and in simple, jargon-free language.

No more long winded answers full of technical terminology. Get straightforward, practical answers and explanations to all your legal questions, at the click of a button.

What’s more, Sparqa Legal provides you with a powerful document builder tool that allows you to create and customise legal documents (such as contracts) in a matter of minutes, simply by filling in an online questionnaire. We provide practical guidance to take you through the process and understand what the document means to you and your business.

With Sparqa Legal, the days when legal issues were a headache for your business are gone.

Sparqa Legal covers a wide range of documents, including:

  • legal agreements and contracts (e.g. employment contracts)
  • handbooks (e.g. employee handbooks)
  • terms (e.g. terms and conditions for your website)
  • legal letters, agendas, certificates and notices (e.g. letters to shareholders)
  • company resolutions (e.g. board minutes) 

We have “automated” these documents for you so that you can easily generate and customise your document using our document builder tool, simply filling in an online questionnaire.

Furthermore, Sparqa Legal provides the following types of documents and additional resources for download:

  • forms (e.g. impact assessments)
  • checklists (e.g. for registering your company)
  • comparisons (e.g. of different modes of incorporation)
  • lists (e.g. of legal status categories of a company)
  • step-by-step guides and flowcharts (e.g. on how to fill certain legal forms)

Our document templates are created and maintained by a team of dedicated lawyers so you can rest assured your completed document is reliable, up-to-date and legally binding. 

Using our powerful document builder tool, you can simply fill out a questionnaire-style form and get your document generated and customised accordingly. Easy-to-understand step-by-step guidance is provided for every document to explain to you the legal implications and terms. 

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Very useful, smart service for scaling businesses, full of exactly the kind of information we need on a day-to-day basis. And much more efficient than traditional approaches to legal services. Definitely recommend.
David Lambert

5 out 5 stars on Google

I'm finding Sparqa really helpful in giving the basic grounding for all kinds of corporate queries and the document library is a quick and helpful resource too
Estelle Symonds
Great website, very user friendly and packed full of lots of helpful advice, information and documents!
Charlotte Kirkman

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bespoke legal advice for your business

Get your 15% discount now through MaxCap's partnership with Sparqa Legal

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