What is Predictive Credit Control?

maxcap what is Predictive Credit Control
  • You wish you could plan your cashflow more accurately but you don’t know when money is likely to be paid because, despite reminders, your customers don’t stick to your invoice terms due date.
  • You wish you could get an early warning about invoices that were in danger of not being paid, but how are you meant to spot them?
  • You wish you could track customers who show subtle signs they may be having cash issues, but you’re just glad when they pay you, and you have other problems to deal with.

It is impossible for you to know these things by yourself but, by constantly learning and monitoring your customers’ REAL payment patterns, WOWinflow does, allowing you to benefit from the time-saving, razor-sharp insights of Predictive Credit Control

If ‘Cash is King’, wear the crown – try Predictive Credit Control.

Think of all the time you could save by having an intelligent Credit Control action list to hand, and also getting all those insights automatically mailed to you as a simple dashboard every Monday morning to guide and focus your Credit Control actions for the week ahead.

All the data WOWinflow provides can be used immediately, or downloaded to a spreadsheet if you prefer, so you can use it as-is or even to help make other automated software more accurate and timely.

As you’d imagine, WOWinflow is automated so you don’t need to spend time configuring it. Set-up takes just a few clicks.

As you wouldn’t imagine, WOWinflow comes with a low monthly cost and no contract.

Try it for free.


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