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The ease of application with MaxCap plus the funding element is very good. For businesses looking in the short-term lender market, MaxCap provides an ideal solution.

Rise funding Limited

Written by Holly Campbell

Rise Funding offers clients a one-stop shop for all their financial needs whenever they occur. They have a strong relationship with MaxCap, and MaxCap has provided loans to clients introduced via Rise across a wide spectrum of industries including hospitality, retail, manufacturing and construction. Loan sizes average £40k and range from £10k up to almost £200k. CEO, Willem van Lynden talks through many advantages of working with MaxCap.

“MaxCap caters to a broad variety of businesses. They’ll look at most types, with fewer restrictions on who they loan to. And they’re approachable. We have direct contact with the team at MaxCap. It’s easy to get in touch for updates or to give updates, which is crucial for us as a broker. It’s very frustrating when we can’t get hold of lenders – for example, if we’ve got a question about information they require. So our contact rate with MaxCap is very high.”

Willem also cites the flexibility of MaxCap’s offering. “They’re open to discussion. We can have a conversation about any roadblocks or stipulations for funding, and they’ll consider whether something can be waived if everything else looks good.”

Simplicity of application is another benefit. “MaxCap will accept our paperwork,” explains Willem. “There’s no need to complete specific application forms or to submit documentation via their own portal, working through a set of tick boxes. Sometimes a deal just doesn’t happen if one thing isn’t ticked. But with MaxCap it’s a much more bespoke service.”

“Product-wise, MaxCap is a clear winner,” Willem continues. “Business owners want as long a term as possible, and for where they sit in the market, the fact that MaxCap can go up to 12 months is great.”

“And speed is critical,” concludes Willem. “From application to getting decisions or offers, MaxCap can turn it around in a day or two, if not quicker. And their offer amount is usually quite substantial. So, the ease of application with MaxCap plus the funding element is very good. For businesses looking in the short-term lender market, MaxCap provides an ideal solution.”

To find out more about Rise Funding please visit risefunding.co.uk


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MaxCap has established itself as a leading provider of business loans for small and medium sized businesses in the UK. With a combined 30+ years of industry experience we are able to identify the requirements of each business and determine the finance that best suits their needs to thrive and grow. We work hard every day to provide small businesses with fast access to capital. Our dedication to excellence coupled with our advanced technology enables easy and accurate decision making that allows an application, approval, and funding to all take place the same day.

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