Most clients are looking for opportunity finance. Funding that’s timely. I know we can rely on MaxCap to provide quick responses in those situations.


Written by Holly Campbell

Leyton Jeffs is one of the owners of Sedulo Group, a business advisory firm whose services include accountancy, wealth management, corporate finance, research and development, and mortgages. Leyton heads up Sedulo Funding Solutions, the commercial finance arm which helps around a thousand businesses each year to access a range of financial products and services with lenders including MaxCap.

Sedulo’s relationship with MaxCap is solid. As Leyton explains, “We were probably one of the first brokers to do a deal with MaxCap when they started and since then we’ve helped a huge range of SMEs to connect with them. Customers across all different industries such as manufacturing, engineering, wholesale and recruitment, and with turnover ranging from £300k to £10m. The size of funding they’ve sought has also varied from £10k up to £250k.”

Leyton emphasises three substantial benefits of working with MaxCap. “Firstly, speed of delivery. Most clients using a MaxCap facility are looking for opportunity finance. Funding that’s timely. For example, they need £100k and they need it tomorrow to take advantage of an opportunity they know will reap healthy returns. Getting funding quickly is vital in that situation. I know we can rely on MaxCap to provide quick responses in those situations.”

“Flexibility,” he continues. “If we disagree about something we can at least have a grown-up conversation about it. Maybe we get their decision overturned; maybe not. But at least there’s a person at the end of the phone who can have a conversation with you, as opposed to a decision just being based on algorithms, which many other lenders rely on.

And finally: consistency. “We know their criteria and their pricing,” Leyton explains. “When you’re advising clients about their best funding options, it’s so important that your lenders have consistency. You want to know that they’ll deliver if you present them with a customer. So, one of the key things for me with any lender is consistency. And MaxCap is great at that.”

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